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Luhrmann's Australia unfinished, ending contested

Australia_Still.jpgBaz Luhrmann has revealed that despite a week to go before the film is to première, he hasn't yet finished it and that after speaking at a film benefit he was honoured at, he would be heading back to the mixing desk to get on with it.

What's more he refutes the recent speculation in the media and film sites that Twentieth Century Fox had forced him to change the ending are untrue.

Baz Luhrmann was speaking at the Museum of Modern Art's Film Benefit in New York which was honouring him and revealed that the film was unfinished. The BBC says that he had just a day spare to complete the film. Luhrmann said:

“We're right up against it, I literally have to on Friday night push that button...going back to the mixing desk to finish it in 24 hours.”

Australia leads with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman and tells the story of an English aristocrat who arrives in Australia to find the cattle ranch that she has inherited. During hard times she has to move her entire cattle heard across Australia in order to keep the ranch alive, and at the same time encounter the beginnings of World War II. She wins over her rugged ranch hand, and on the journey the two fall in love. It promises to be set against stunning Australian backdrops.

However it looks tight to complete the film, and that's not the only pressure he's up against. According to recent reports his original film had an ending that was rather sad and negative. The studio hated this and requested that he change it to something happier, something that was a bit stronger than a request.

Baz Luhrmann won't have any of this though and said on the matter:

“You really think that on my films people tell me what to do? I don't think so - on my films I decide...I wrote six endings and I shot three...”

He also goes on to say that the ending of the film will be a surprise. Well it certainly will be if he's written six endings and has three in the bag. Let's just hope that he can put them together in time for the première!



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