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Martyrs director on next horror

Martyrs.jpgThe next project for Martyrs director Pascal Laugier has been announced, and this one sounds like it has an interesting premise as well as the opportunity for much more horror and general scariness.

I haven't yet seen Martyrs, but I'm told that it's dividing horror fans and really does appeal to the disgusting and depraved.

This next film, based on the short story by China Miéville, is entitled Details and tells the story of a boy discovers that within the cracks, lines and creases of our world are hidden some strange and terrifying supernatural forces.

The story was not only in a compilation of his own stories in Looking For Jake, but also appeared in a compilation of tales inspired by H.P. Lovecraft called Children of Cthulhu: Chilling New Tales.

The studio already bought one script which was based on the story, that one was written by Dan Kay which had a different take on the story. That one focused on a daughter who disappeared and a father who was obsessed with finding her. The daughter seems to have been the one in that story that stirred up the dark forces that then came and took her.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter and tells us that Pascal Laugier will write and direct the film, although there's nothing on whether this is a rewrote of Kay's script or a return to the original story. I wonder if it will be as powerful and polarised as Martyrs?

Worth remembering too that Laugier is up to direct the Hellraiser remake.



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