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McG talks Arnie in Terminator Salvation

Terminator.jpgMcG has been talking about Terminator Salvation and revealing tiny little hints at some of the rumours that have been going round. While most of them refer to past rumours and things that have already been cleared up, there's one that is highly interesting.

He talks about the plans for the Terminator and it seems that it may be slightly connected to Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance on the set.

McG was asked the question about Arnie's appearance on the set of Terminator Salvation by Total Film, and if that means he has a part. He answered cryptically, but it could well be seen as a confirmation.

"We’re trying to synthesise a human character with a CGI character and that may or may not have something to do with the T800"

For those of you who don't know, the T800 is the model that Arnold Schwarzenegger has always played. Could this mean that Arnie's face is being used to try and create an early attempt by the machines at creating the T800?

We've certainly seen a sketch of a Terminator with flesh half on and off his face, a much more beefed up version than the T800. Perhaps that's an early attempt at the model that we all know and love? Perhaps it could be leading up to an appearance in the next film?

Whatever it leads to, it does sound like Arnie's CGI face will be used in the film, if ILM can get their act together. McG goes on to say that he's not quite happy with what's been produced so far for the effect so they are still working on it, and he says they're running out of time. So there's the chance he may not make it in the film at all.



I think we will see a CGI Arnold, after all McG was quoted by the BBC yesterday as saying that Salvation will "push the envelope" regarding the visual effects. ILM still have the stuff to recreate a digital Arnold since they did so in T3.


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