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McG talks Terminator Salvation

TerminatorSalvation.jpgMcG has been talking about Terminator Salvation, and he's revealed some interesting new facts and created some new rumours too.

He reveals something knew about the storyline, and in particular how John Connor is perceived in Terminator Salvation.

It seems that John Connor isn't just slipping right into the slot of the leader of the human resistance, far from it, in fact he's facing a lot of opposition and a lot of suspicion.

“The interesting thing about this movie is that Connor comes to be under suspicion. Command will look at him and say, 'How come you keep coming through these things alive? And you know so much about the machines? What is that all about?' And they point a finger at him while the audience is realizing..." and here McG's voice is raised to an indignant shout: "... that is fucking John Connor! If anybody is on the side of humanity, it is this guy!' One thing I learned from Amy Pascal at Sony," he muses, "is make sure your hero deserves all the credit in the world and gets none. And that is John Connor.”

That's according to the comments he gives Premiere magazine through IO9, although I can't find the original article on the site nor through the link. No matter.

You know, that sounds a good way to present the character, and I like the idea of bringing him in still a distance from the person we expect him to become, because really that's the character we've fallen for, not the resistance leader.

IO9 bring up an interesting plot from one of the previous Terminator comics called Terminator: Infinity which tells the story of John Connor trying to start up the human resistance with a friend by his side who just happens to be a Terminator, and if the other resistance members find out he's side by side with a Terminator he's in trouble.

Good grab by IO9, and it does give us food for thought, could this be a similar set-up for Terminator Salvation.

The rest of the article talks about the reporters seeing some of the action sequences and McG talking about the opening sequence which ends with that shot we've already seen of the helicopter on top of a Terminator and Connor pointing a gun to its head.



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