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New Monsters vs. Aliens trailer

MonstersvsAliens.jpgI first showed the Monsters vs. Aliens trailer back in August, and although it was bootlegged and quickly removed by DreamWorks, it was up for long enough to get the taste of what could be a funny animated comedy.

Now the official trailer is out and I'm not surprised that it looks so much like the first one, because that was really funny, but I am surprised that it lost the excellent repeated screaming joke.

The film tells the story of Susan, a teenage girl who one day is turned into a gigantic woman by a strange meteorite. She's taken, of course, to a government facility and hidden away, but there she discovers that the government have been hiding away a number of monsters. She befriends them and they whittle their time away there being protected from society, or something like that.

Then an alien lands on Earth and threatens to kill everyone and destroy everything, and there seems no defence against it. So the government pull out their last line of defence, the monsters. They are called upon to save the world...badly.

Now I have to say that the first trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens was much funnier than this, although it carried all the same footage, it was a slightly different cut and included the female army officer screaming again and again as each creature was revealed on the slideshow – I loved that joke. No matter, I'm sure it will be in the final film.

Here's the trailer for you:

The film stars such voice talents as Seth Rogen, Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Paul Rudd, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Stephen Colbert and Rainn Wilson, and what I love about the casting is that Sutherland plays the General W. R. Monger, and Colbert the President, how cool is that?

However for me it's not all good, because it's in 3D. Slap on some cheap, ill fitting plastic coated lenses and say goodbye to picture quality as things are thrown at the screen repeatedly as a cheap thrill. Woo.



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