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New trailer for Red online

RedCrew.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Red, and it gives away far too much, but not quite as much as the last trailer we saw did.

I'm confused, I loved Red (Filmstalker review), but I'm really unsure of how the film is being marketed. I would have thought that they would have played on the slow building pace and the excellent character played wonderfully by Brian Cox.

That's what they do for the first half of the trailer, but then it turns to the latter part of the film, the part that is more about violence and revenge, but dismissing the build up of the film and going straight to the harder side of it is missing the entire point of the film.

It's as though it's playing to all sides of the marketing - look there's violence and gun play, but look there's also a clever story and brilliant performances.

If you are going to watch the trailer I suggest you look to the first half and bear in mind that the film is cleverly written and read my review online right here. Believe me it's a great film and Cox is superb, it is not the latter half of the trailer though.



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