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Night at the Museum 3?

NightattheMuseum.jpgYes it looks like there could be a third Night at the Museum, and although there's all no comments at the moment, there's enough there to show willingness from all those concerned to repeat the story again in a different museum – this could go on for as many famous museums as there are in the U.S., maybe even abroad.

The second film has just completed and the cast and crew seem delighted with the result, and have been quizzed about a third already.

Shawn Levy said of Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, where the exhibits come to life and are played by an all round cast:

“This movie has one of the best comedic casts ever assembled, the visual effects are mind-blowing, and the story is more emotional”

He says the effects are good because according to The USA Today the film includes scenes in the National Air and Space Museum, so you can imagine there are some visual effects moments to be had there.

Apparently Ben Stiller said it was easy deciding to return for a sequel, after all the money it made, guaranteed paycheck, steady work, oh no that's all me saying that. He said:

“I really had such a good time, and I liked this script — it's better than the first film. It's not just the comedy. It's the fantasy element.”

Okay, that sounds better. I am being a bit harsh though, the story had its moments and there was a lot of money made from it, the film also did some good. It was screened in museums to school children who then got tours of the exhibits in closed evening sessions. Now that I like, that's a great film tie in, and a marketing gimmick even I can't moan about. More of that please.

Levy talks about the possibility of a sequel too:

“There are rumblings of another installment...We would love to take this premise (further). But even to say there's a likely third film is premature.”

I think we can safely take that as a yes, it's definitely becoming a franchise unless this one bombs. How about Night at the Museum 3: National Museum of Scotland - that would be a blast!



A Third part of N,O.T.M would be a diffrence for how many old exhibtions to come alive, Hoping to have Cupid,Venus, Jupiter and many legendary figures

If they do make a third one. I REALLY hope they are smart enough to bring Amy Adams back as AMELIA!!!

i agree with cassy that they should bring back Amelia as Amy Adams

Cassys right.
They should bring Amy Adams back as Amelia Earhart.
Oh and if there IS going to be a third one, I am definitely going to watch it.

i am going to watch it also if they make one and i just figure out i can type this on my dsi

The lovre



it's Night at the Museum 3: In The Antique Mall

no news about it yey. 2010 movie.

I really hope not.

1 & 2 were fine but 3 would start showing signs of milking the franchise. Just how much more excitement can get of figures coming to life?

i love night at the musuem aloot i just wish they keep jedediah and octavius :D there adorable ^^

wow! night at the museum 3?! this oughta be great!

i read about a subtitle - Night at the Museum 3: National Musuem of Scotland.. well whatever it will be, IT WILL BE GREAT!

how about an idea - Ellen Page who i heard will play Joan of Arc hooks up here with Shia LeBeouf. right, right?! it'll be a nice twist to the story. given that joan in true life really became a knight & since then had this tomboy kind of image.. so in the 3rd installment of night at the museum, she could show her other side - her romantic side or simply, her girl side in which the ever handsome shia aka 'james dean' will bring out of her ^-^

and i hope Amy Adams will reprise her role [not as amelia aearheart] but still Larry's love interest! they looked great together as a couple! ^-^

can't wait to watch it!

Night at the Museum 3 The Epic Movie.
Super Heroes Xmen, Spiderman and other greatest movie characters. That will be the best!!!

yeah it'd be great if night at the museum would be in scotland because "Britain" has WAY more history then american...uk is known alot for its history and has loads of it..would have alot more imagination too it and alot more random things...for example real history like henry and tudors ect...wow that'd be random to see them in a museum but ya whatever XD

i think amy adams should most deffinately be in night
at the museum 3. Come back as Amelia Arheart!! Like have Larry
be nightguardin and everythings alive and have Amelia walk in and
just say something casual in that adorable accent and have Larry
like speechless. So yes please keep the same cast! Keep Amy as Amelia
PLEASE!! And plz keep the love interest between Larry Daley and Amelia
Arheart! The love interest between Larry and Amelia made the 2nd movie better
than the first, in my opinion. In conclution, keep the Amy as Amelia and most
deffinately keep the love interest between the two. Please consider this(:

I really hope there is a 3rd! After watching it over and over again, well, this movie is just my favorite. Amy Adams has done a perfect role for Amelia and I hope she is in the 3rd; the romance between the two was just the part of the movie that kept everyone's eyes glued to the screen. Although I've heard several comments about the ending, and how they think that Amelia should have stayed at the Museum, I know that wouldn’t happen- WHAT ABOUT THE AIRPLANE? But hopefully the third, Amelia comes back. She was my favorite and those Einstein’s too! :D

I TOTALLY agree with Rebecca. The affair between the two was just, it just made the movie a whole lot better. But hopefully, he still won't be with that one girl from the last part, the ending bothered me too rebeca. But it was still a great movie. I was seruously off my seat and was like

"WTF??? No! Have Amelia stay!"

Haha, but ya, just my opinion. Amelia and Larry together (Amy and Bill), are justt he perfect match for a perfect movie, and I think we have found that out from the first moment Amelia got on that screen.

I think it would be cool in the holocoust(spelling?) museum it could have some of the world's worst bad guys :D!! And of course Amelia played by Amy Adams. Im a big Amy Adams AND Amelia Earhart fan LOL

Bringing Amy back as Amelia would be horrible. For one thing, she's "not real". How would you explain Larry having a romantic relationship with something that only magically comes to life at night? That's already been done before. Back in the 80's. Thanks.

They would need to bring in someone new to keep it fresh and to "keep it real". Larry has had a different love interest in each movie. Larry doesn't exactly settle down. So new movie=new love interest.

My only one big wish if a third one is indeed in the works is PLEASE bring to life Alexander the Great. Please please please!!! :)

Bring back Amy...not as Miss Earhart...but as Tess...the girl frm the final scene in the 2nd movie....make her more part of Larry's night adventure...like Rebbecca....in the 1st film....


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