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Phoenix's Two Lovers trailer online

JoaquinPheonix.jpgRecently Joaquin Phoenix announced he's giving up film, and while I think it's admirable to follow your dreams and do what you want to, I can't help but feel the audience are losing out on a great actor and should be a little bit upset about it all.

Whether he really leaves forever is another matter of course, but if he does then Two Lovers could be his last film ever, and it looks an interesting end to his career. You can see the trailer right here to see for yourself.

Two Lovers stars Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw, and also features the great Isabella Rossellini. James Gray co-wrote and directed the film, you may recognise that name from writing and directing We Own the Night.

The story is set in Brooklyn and sees a bachelor torn between the family friend his family want to marry and his beautiful, and slightly on edge, neighbour. Joaquin Phoenix plays Leonard who is a depressed and heartbroken aspiring photographer who works part-time at his fathers business. His family set him up with the daughter of a family friend and the two start dating, but Leonard sees his new neighbour one night across the street, she's beautiful and alluring, and living in an apartment paid for by a married man, instantly he's besotted.

The trailer looks really good actually, despite the blurd sounding a little similar to films we're seen before, the trailer does give a feel of something different, and the casting of Phoenix and Paltrow looks an interesting choice.

See what you think of the trailer found through Playlist.

Looking at the trailer alone, I'd be disappointed if this was Phoenix's last film of his career, of course the film could prove me wrong, but right now I'd say he's done better, and still could.



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