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Pine talks sexy Star Trek

StarTrek_Poster.jpgWe have a couple of stars saying the wrong thing about the respective films that they are appearing in today, and here's Chris Pine talking about Star Trek and putting a little bit of an inadvertent damper on the whole event.

He's really selling this to current fans with his comments. Sarcasm aside it's becoming more and more clear that this is Star Trek really for the next generation, and Pine is underlining that.

“It's trying to be sexed up for a new generation that really isn't used to seeing Star Trek...It's a whole new beast.”

Now that isn't so bad on its own, but when he's been talking over at the GQ Men of the Year party through Yahoo News about the sex scenes, I'm beginning to wonder.

While talking about the moment that Uhuru takes off her top in the trailer, Chris Pine, who plays young sexy Kirk, said:

“It'll become famous”

Oh, okay. Well I know the context is the GQ party which is about sex and airbrushed sexy people trying to live up to their faked photos, but come on, isn't there something a little more interesting to say about Star Trek?

After seeing the trailer the other day it is at the back of my head if this is Star Trek for the MTV generation, flashing CGI and sexy people flashing their chests.

Still, from what we've heard there is the Star Trek in there, it just depends if they've managed to capture enough of it. Entertaining it will be, Star Trek, I reserve judgement. However I think the stars could be selling it a little better.



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