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Pink Panther 2 trailer online

PinkPanther-SteveMartin.jpgOh sweet lord, I thought that the Pink Panther remake was bad until I saw this effort at the bad accent of Inspecter Clouseau from a rapidly falling apart Steve Martin, this is terrible and an affront even to remakes.

Then there's the fact that Jean Reno, Andy Garcia and even John Cleese, a bastion of British comedy, are appearing in the film and lending their support to the destruction of such a great franchise.

If there really is an after life then Peter Sellers is coming right back.

The trailer for Pink Panther 2 is hideous, really, the gags are poor and that accent just grates with me. I was against the remake of Pink Panther anyway, but this is really pouring salt and lemon into the wound and then stamping on it...with steel boots.

You can watch the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] and I've embedded it right here from Cinema Blend. Personally I think you should check it out just to benchmark how bad remakes can get.



Although I didn't agree with the remake I did find some parts of it rather funny and silly. This looks OK for what it is, but never judge a film by it's trailer.

Oh shut yer face, this trailer gave me aids.

I'm sure the kids will love it. Well some of them.

The poor little victims.


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