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Quantum of Solace missing ending scene

QuantumofSolace.jpgIt appears that the closing scene in Quantum of Solace has been cut, and the ending that some of us have seen and some are about to see is not the actual ending of the film as per the director Marc Foster.

Now there are a couple of little spoilers here that you might find a little bit of a reveal, but really there's nothing that you won't expect to happen in a Bond film...I should think.

Marc Foster revealed that he'd cut the ending of Quantum of Solace down to size, an ending that does for the expected next film exactly what the ending of Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) did for Quantum of Solace, before it was made of course.

The magazine MI6 Declassified has the edited ending details through Latino Review which reveal a little more about the Quantum organisation, and sounds as though it marks the next step for Bond in his quest.

Here's the write up of the ending, so to avoid spoilers, turn away now.

The magazine reveals the fate of Mr White and the identity of his boss, leading the way for Bond to continue his climb towards the top of the organisation and following the sequel approach that the first film did.

It's interesting to think that now there is a bit of push back on the idea of continuing the franchise in this way, and mainly from Daniel Craig himself.

“Mentioned in the film as one of the Prime Minister's closest advisors, Guy Haines is also a senior member of the shadowy oganisation 'Quantum'. 007 discovers his presence during the Tosca opera scene where Dominic Greene holds a meeting of Quantum members.

The movie was originally intended to end with a one-minute sequence where 007 introduces himself to Mr Haines at his estate, setting up the next movie. The gun-barrel sequence, uniquely positioned at the end of "Quantum of Solace", would have appeared after Bond dispatches Mr White for good.”

Apparently the magazine also have a shot from the cut scene, although we can't see the magazine, unless you buy it, there are some small shots of the pages over at the official site.

Now the question is will it continue with the story of Quantum and Bond's ongoing fight to the top, or will it just end and move onto something else entirely?



Something similar its the quantum of solace game ending, but doesn't add much.

Ah, now that looks like it could be the ending of the film then. Thanks for that Mike.

I would of prefered it if they left it in the film.


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