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Quantum of Solace running for Editing Oscar?!

QuantumofSolace.jpgYes, believe it or not (I'm walking on air) Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) is genuinely pitching itself for the Oscar for Best Editing. Perhaps they think they can film the advert, then cut straight to putting the Oscar on their mantelpiece in a few seconds, after all that would be in keeping with the film.

The new Bond film, which I thought was one of the worst Bond films almost wholly down to the editing, is being pushed for a number of Oscars, not only Best Editing, but also Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor...I'm getting bored of writing “Best”. Read on for more.

Art direction, costumes, make-up, music score, cinematography, sound mixing, and song. Oh, and yes, editing.

I can't believe it! Really, I can't. Editing? Are they kidding? Okay, here's what I would even consider the film for – Screenplay and cinematography. Out of that list that's all I could really say.

The editing was terrible, and for more on that read L.A. Times tells us that no other Bond song has ever won, and some of the best loved weren't even nominated.

Director? Well considering the editing I'm not so sure. Actor? Well there are some moments where he does get something to get his teeth into, but for the most part it's steely resolve and that steely stare. Actually I think that Olga Kurylenko is more deserving for her role, look at the leap she's made in her career and some of the scenes she has to deal with.

However best editing for Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) is a joke. Okay, context time, right now the studio are actively pushing that phrase “for your consideration”, so there's a long way to go before an Oscar, and no amount of editing can get through the fact that they have to make the nominations start.

I don't believe that the film will win an Oscar, although I can see some nominations coming through for cinematography, because scenes did look wonderful, and screenplay, and considering the Hollywood view of action, I do think there might be an editing nomination in there, but it's utterly ridiculous.



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