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Race to Witch Mountain trailer online

RacetoWitchMountain.jpgThe first trailer has arrived online for the remake of Race to Witch Mountain, the one starring Dwayne Johnson (Rock), Carla Gugino and the superb Ciarán Hinds.

When I first heard about this I thought that it was going to be another half baked attempt at a remake, a quick buck with a ready made idea, and now I've seen the trailer I'm not so sure.

It's not fantastic, that's for sure, but there are moments that suggest something a little more than that. There are some interesting moments with the children, a good dynamic with Johnson as their human envoy to Witch Mountain, and some not too bad one liners that are less cheese and jokey and more than a little tinged with reality.

Yeah, it's still what it is, but there's a few more things to it than just a simple kids film don't you think?

Here's the trailer for Race to Witch Mountain, see what you think.



Wow, I have to agree. I think the Rock actually does pretty well in those scenes, maybe he's found his target audience. If the trailer is a good example of the quality of the movie then I hope it does well.

The trailer is acting up, so I couldnt watch it in its entirety but I am keen to see this1

I grew up loving the Escape to Witch Mountain films and wouldnt mind revisiting them again even if it was a remake.


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