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Ramírez as Carlos the Jackal

EdgarRamirez.jpgÉdgar Ramírez is set to star as the terrorist known as Ilich Ramírez Sánchez who became known as Carlos the Jackal after a copy of the Fredrick Forsyth novel The Day of the Jackal was found amongst his belongings.

The film, Ilich: Story of Carlos, will look at the man's life, and his terrorist activities, and Ramírez seems a great choice for the role.

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez aka Carlos the Jackal began his terrorist training during his education in Cuba when he was trained at a guerrilla warfare school. After continuing his education in London and Moscow he began training with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in 1970 and carried out various anti-Israeli bombings and rocket attacks.

The terrorist attack he was most known for was for his participation in a raid on the OPEC headquarters which resulted in over sixty hostages being taken and a hostage flight through various Arab countries which saw the release of hostages and the hostage takes granted asylum and escape.

Two attacks on France failed but could have resulted in many more lives being taken. One was on the TGV train with multiple bombs placed aboard and another was an attack on France's largest nuclear power station.

He was handed to French authorities on August 14th 1994 by Syria, who had been keeping him protected. He was put to trial in December of 1997 and found guilty, sentenced to life imprisonment.

The story is an interesting one, and addresses one of the most notable terrorist figures of recent years, a terrorist who worked for groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Romania.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ilich: Story of Carlos will be helmed by the French director Olivier Assayas and filming will begin next year.

Assayas believes that Édgar Ramírez is the man for the job because he comes from the same place as Sanchez, looks the same in build, and is fluent in many languages as well as understanding international politics. One would think that his acting ability is above all that too.

Ramírez was up for playing the lead as the drug baron in Killing Pablo, so this might make a good consolation prize for missing that role.

It sounds a strong fit for the actor though, and the story could well make for an engaging and terrifying film. It will be interesting to see how the character is portrayed though and if they will be sympathetic to him or concentrate on his terrorist activities.



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