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Resident Evil: Degeneration opening eleven minutes online

ResidentEvilDegeneration.jpgThe first eleven minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration is online, and for the most part I'm actually impressed. The characters move well, there's plenty going on, the camera moves well, there are some good shots, great effects, the story plays out well and the whole scene with the plane is superbly done.

You know I could actually watch this. There are some negatives too though.

One is that the lip syncing is a little off, and the character of the Senator is a little too clichéd for me, then there's that British character whose voice grates with me - could they have found a voice even more English and uptight than that?

Anyway, I think the positives win, and the fact that on a few occasions I actually forgot I was watching computer animation is a good sign. Oh, and did I say that moment with the plane door opening is very good?

You can see the first eight minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration right here through Quiet Earth, this is the story building one, with tie ins from the last stories to position it in the timeline, character introductions and the important point zero...

...then there's the next three minutes and eleven seconds right here, and that's the part with the plane...

..What do you think? Could you be interested?



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