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Russell Brand to play Jesus?!

RussellBrand.jpgSome may think that the man already is Jesus, however I do not. Comedian yes, character from the Bible, no. However the rumour has been started that Russell Brand is in talks to play the lead in a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Right now it's all down to unnamed sources and it's been outed in a gossip magazine, so the rating factor on how believable this is should be set very low. However...

Musicals are very popular at the moment and I could definitely see Jesus Christ Superstar hitting the big screen again, after all it did well back in 1973.

Of course there's a lot of controversy that follows Russell Brand, particularly at the moment, but the studio is said to view that as a positive thing and that he does attract audiences.

Acting wise I'd say that Forgetting Sarah Marshall really turned around my opinion of him and started me thinking that he could well be a good actor, and he proved that he can sing, although perhaps not to musical standards.

He does look the part right now though, and is an obvious choice for gossip sites and papers to leap upon for the role, but I still can't help thinking that a revival of this musical would work, particularly at a time when we are going to see more and more musicals on screen.

The story was in The Sunday People through Now Magazine (a site that features a story about Pink exposing a nipple at the VMA's!), the unnamed source was saying that filming could start at the beginning of next year.

This would be a great April the 1st story, and yet there's something more than just the way he looks that has me thinking it could work.

I could see this decision, if it were true and made public, upsetting the religious groupsm after all wouldn't they need someone whiter than white?



Lord help us !!


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