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Schrader leaves Hollywood

PaulSchrader.jpgPaul Schrader has announced that he's leaving Hollywood, and revealed that his view of the independent film business in the U.S. is none too positive, in fact he says that it's barren and cold.

So rather than struggle with it he's decided to head to Bollywood and make a film based there and for a Bollywood audience.

It's a big shame for Western cinema audiences, and if Paul Schrader can have an ounce of the success in Bollywood that he had in Hollywood then that audience is going to be very, very lucky.

Meanwhile, according to his comments through The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo, Hollywood is the one to suffer, and not just from his moving away:

“I've been getting indie movies made for 20 years...But I take a good look around and what I see is a barren, barren place -- in terms of the financial community, in terms of audiences, in terms of distribution. It's cold out there.”

That's quite a damning statement, but of course he's not going forever, he's just moving away for one film, isn't he?

He's making a film called City which is described as:

“...a cross-cultural tale that centers on an American man who travels to India to help resolve a kidnapping case for his father-in-law, only to get caught up in a gangster plot.

In the Bollywood tradition, the film likely will contain some musical numbers. But Schrader says it's "not a Masala movie," referring to the term for a style of Bollywood film that combines action, romance, family drama and other genres in one big stew.”

Schrader is working on a script that combines both English and Hindi, and so it's already making sure that it's not going to be for general Hollywood consumption. The film will be produced by Anubhav Sinha.

While it seems that this film is going to include some musical numbers it seems that there might not be in future Holly-Bolly films – yes I did just coin that phrase. Schrader says of the future:

“Old Bollywood will never go away...but it's changing. Movies can be shorter than two hours. There doesn't need to be singing and dancing.”

He's suggesting that there's going to be more collaborations like this and that the two industries are going to come closer and closer together, something I wholeheartedly believe. After all it's Hollywood that's struggling, not Bollywood.



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