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Schumacher's Inland Saints makeover

JoelSchumacher.jpgI find this rather amusing, and it's one of the ways that Hollywood and the creative writing process works, but usually when new writers come on board a project they rework the script and come up with something a bit different, and that's what the studio is looking for.

In this case though it's a radical plot change and has taken an interesting idea from Kurt Sutter (The Shield ladies and gentlemen) and made it into something completely different, something that ticks more boxes for those involved.

The pitch from Kurt Sutter that Joel Schumacher was set to direct went something like this, according to Variety:

The leader of a dangerous street gang falls in love with the daughter of the detective hired to bring him and the gang to justice.

Sounds okay, although the falling in love bit is a little twee, I would hope that it isn't the main focus of the story, although a Romeo and Juliet tale wholly developed from the modern day streets might give something interesting. Whatever direction it was going to take, that was the original idea, and bear in mind that there would be a lot more to the pitch than just that short one liner, otherwise studios would be kicking you out the door.

Now the writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who wrote the restart of Friday the 13th and almost brought to life Spy Hunter, have been taken on board and have slightly altered that pitch. Here's their view:

It's an action horror film in a small town desert wasteland which is overrun and ruled by gangs and drugs.

Okay, now that had me laughing because that's almost totally different, okay there are drugs and gangs still in there, but that's a radical change of idea, and idea from the brains behind The Shield no less. Personally I might be interested in seeing his idea come to fruition, but then it is Joel Schumacher, and he's looking for some of his former glory.

Perhaps it'll start involving “Vampyres” and teenagers? That might help him out a little.



Well, the first film sounds a lot more interesting to me. Maybe it's a chick thing. The second one sounds like yet another ripoff of Mad Max. Joel Schumacher USED to make great movies, but the last one I saw and liked [marginally] was Veronica Guerin and that was 5 years ago. There are tons of scripts around; he can do better than "Inland Saints." That sounds like a minor league baseball team, that title, BTW...

No Dee, I'm with you, the first one sounds much more interesting, sorry I was trying to get that point across.

Yeah he does seem like he's lost his way a little as a film-maker. The Number 23 looked promising and I did like Phone Booth. Then going back there's 8MM, Falling Down, Dying Young, Flatliners, The Lost Boys, St. Elmo's Fire, and all that's out of twenty-eight total.


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