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Sequel to Zombie's Halloween

Halloween.jpgHalloween is to receive a sequel, but not the Halloween franchise we know to date but the recent Halloween created by Rob Zombie.

The news also reveals that it's not Rob Zombie who's set to direct the sequel, and that the duties will pass to another director. Michael Myers is coming back, again and again.

Rob Zombie's Halloween did surprisingly well at the box office, well enough for the studio to look at a sequel, however Zombie won't be directing but it will be a sequel to his Halloween film, a remake of the original but with his own twists.

I don't find it surprising that they decided to sequelise the Zombie remake rather than add onto the franchise. Oh I'm not a great Rob Zombie fan, but trying to create a sequel to the existing franchise with a tired Michael Myers who has had everything possible done to him just wouldn't work. However now the studio have a completely new crack at the whip for the franchise, and with the first outing bringing back so much cash, it's almost insane to think they wouldn't.

The story comes from Dread Central through Cinema Blend, and you'd be hard pressed not to agree with them. However there's no director announced as yet although Tyler Mane remains cast as Michael Myers and some of the other cast of Zombie's Halloween are to be returning.

I'm not sure how to take the news, of course it really depends on who the next director is that's chosen, because he could be superb...then again, he could be utterly fowl, or somewhere in between the two and carry on the Zombie franchise.

Part of me hopes that they pay this a little more service, get a better director, and make something rather exceptional rather than going the easy horror sequel route. What do you hope for?



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