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Sex and the City sequel talk

KimCattrall.jpgKim Cattrall, the gorgeous and very alluring actress best known for her role in Sex and the City has been talking about the possibility of a sequel to the film retread of the hugely popular series, and she makes it sound as though it's more than a possibility.

There have been plenty of rumours of problems making the first film, but already the sequel seems off to a positive start.

Previously on Filmstalker I wrote about HBO's West Coast President Michael Lombardo said that there was enormous interest in doing a Sex and the City sequel, then we heard from the writer Michael Patrick King who said that the story didn't feel done at all and that there was an enthusiasm for more from these characters. He even teased that it would be great to see the girls in summer and that he has tons of ideas.

Well it looks like it might be taking another step closer as Kim Cattrall has been speaking on British television on the Paul O'Grady show through the BBC and revealed that the sequel will be filmed next summer. However, there are some complications, as always, and that it was difficult getting everyone together because they were all so busy. Yet I don't really see that as a big problem, do you?

Considering the amount of money that they've earned with both the Sex and the City television series and film, and are likely to for the sequel, how could they not pass it up? They do seem very keen though:

“We wanted to the first time, and now we're hopefully doing it again for the second time.”

That's all well and good but what is the story going to be? Oh, hold on, let me guess. Big and Carrie split up under some misunderstanding and they get together again at the end of the film with the help of their friends. That accounts for a couple of series and the television storyline as a whole as well as the first film, why wouldn't it work again? Milk it as they say.



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