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Sherlock Holmes story details online

SherlockHolmes.jpgDetails of the Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes have arrived online and they look like they're capturing the character and pitching him against a great villain. There are some changes from the television and film version we've come to know, but the write up of the opening tells us a lot about the character.

We also hear about the villain, Lord Blackwood, and a fair bit about the plot.

I have to say that reading the set-up for Sherlock Holmes does sound promising, although the big fight sounds a lot more than we're used to with the Holmes character:

“The foot chase quickly goes underground into the sewer.

In the sewers, Holmes with the help of Mr. Watson gets himself in a fist fight with a bunch of bowler hat wearing, gun-totting thugs and also a 400lb, 7 foot giant.

All this while a dark robed Satan worshiper is about to sacrifice himself a hot young girl.

After an all out fight, Holmes and Watson defeat the thugs and the dark robed villain named Lord Blackwood.”

Quickly the opening defines who Holmes is and how he operates, as well as the relationships with Dr. Watson, Lord Blackwood, and Inspector Lestrade. It all sounds promising and there's more to come from the set.

Of course this is an inside source on the production that IESB is quoting, but it does sound pretty promising and it's certainly sounding close to the Sherlock Holmes we know and love. You can read the full opening over there.

Mind you there's Robert Downey Jr. to think of, and how can you not love what he's in?



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