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Stalked: 50 Cent Dead Man Running, Sammo War Monkeys, Perez and Hall colouring books, Red Sonja plot

The plot for the new Red Sonja film has been revealed, and it is back to the beginning...

Casting has been announced for The Hero of Color City - the spelling pains me...

Sammo Hung joins a film about military monkeys...

50 Cent sets a Dead Man Running in London....

There's a plot reveal for the intended Red Sonja remake from director Douglas Aarniokoski, or rather the restart, over at Movieset through JoBlo, and it's pretty detailed. The film will see us return to the events that drove the character to attempt to kill herself, only to be saved by the Red Goddess and set on her path to revenge. It also shows us that the film really is going back to the source. Goodbye Brigitte Nielsen, hello Rose McGowan.

Rosie Perez, Craig Ferguson and Arsenio Hall are joining the voice cast for The Hero of Color City, a film that will also see a series of children's colouring books sold as marketing spin-offs. It's the story of a group of crayons who get together to stop a baddie from ridding their world of colour. See the morals in there. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter. Two talk show hosts for the price of one?

Sammo Hung has been signed up to star in War Monkeys, not a film about the Bush administrations, but a horror comedy directed by Kevin Munroe about two janitors who get trapped in an underground research facility over the Xmas holidays and accidentally let out specially trained Rhesus monkeys, trained by the military, for fighting no less. Oh dear. The story comes from The The Hollywood Reporter through Bloody Disgusting.

50 Cent (around 33 Pence here and so a very cheap talent) us joining the cast of the British crime film set in London (who would have guessed that) called Dead Man Running. The film also stars Brenda Blethyn, Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer, and Monet Mazur in the story of an ex-con trying to steal £100,000 to pay off a loan shark. Curtis Jackson (aforementioned cheap talent) plays the loan shark according to The Hollywood Reporter through Total Film. Interestingly the footballers Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand are backing the film, with money no less.



We are currently looking for extras for this movie, if you want to ern between £70 and £120 per day, register your details for free and we may use you in the movie! Its all free and you could meet 50 or Danny.


[Richard] - Readers please be aware this is not free, there are costs to pay.

All payments are made straight into the your account minus 15%, in line with the stated industry standard (15%-25%), agents fee.

On any payment under £90, in line with employment regulations you will not pay any National Insurance or Tax! On payments over £90, Uni-versalExtras Ltd will, if we can, look to save you on tax and National Insurance.

Payment will be made as soon as Uni-versalExtras Ltd receives cleared funds from the appropriate production/film company.

Fees will vary depending on the type of production and place of filming.
Where applicable, all fees will be in line with the payment agreements, such as:

BBC Equity Agreement
FAA Pact Agreement
ITV Equity Agreement
Or fees will be stated otherwise.

For full definitions of each agreement, please visit these union websites,


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