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Stalked: Brett Ratner, Nicole Kidman, Casey Affleck, Chris Rock

Brett Ratner is confirmed on Conan.

Nicole Kidman is to produce and star in The Danish Girl.

Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba are teaming up.

And Chris Rock is remaking Death at a Funeral.

After deliberating between doing Beverly Hills Cop 4 and the new Conan film, Brett Ratner has decided to go with Conan. The Hollywood Reporter, through Superhero Hype, say that he is in final negotiations to direct Conan. The film will take it's inspiration from the original Conan stories. A release is hope for in early 2010.

Nicole Kidman will both produce and star The Danish Girl. It's definitely something different for Kidman. The film will tell the true story of Einar and Greta Wegener. The couple were both popular artists in 1920's Copenhagen. And when Einar stood in for Greta's female model, it changed bothe their lives. Kidman is set to play the role of Einar. And Charlize Theron will play Greta. The news is from Coming Soon.

Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba will star in The Killer Inside Me. It's an adaptation of a novel which has Affleck playing a West Texas Sheriff. He changes from a small town Sheriff to murderer. Jessica Alba will be playing a prostitute in the film. News is from Coming Soon.

Chris Rock is to remake Death at a Funeral. The original came from Frank Oz, and now Rock is working on co-writing a script. From what I can tell it's a bit of a farce film. The location will be moving from London to America also. The news is from Cinema Blend.



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