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Stalked: Guillermo del Toro, Aaron Eckhart

Guillermo del Toro is doing Pinocchio.

And Aaron Eckhart will fight aliens in Los Angeles.

Guillermo del Toro has obviously found another spare hour in the day. Despite the large number of projects on his plate, he is also to work on a new verison of Pinocchio. Not your average Pinocchio though, it's going to be a darker version. He will be executive producing and working on the screenplay. The stop-motion film will use The Jim Henson Company to bring Pinocchio to life. The news is from Cinema Blend.

Aaron Eckhart is to star in Battle: Los Angeles. He will play a leader of a Marine platoon, who end up fighting against an alen invasion in LA. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



Hmm, not sure I can see Aaron Eckhart doing well in that role, hopefully I'll be wrong.


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