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Stalked: James Caviezel, Samuel L Jackson, Sam Worthington, Martin Campbell, Mark Strong

James Caviezel and Samuel L Jackson are starring in Blown.

Sam Worthington is in Debt.

Martin Campbell is directing Nagasaki Deadline.

And Mark Strong will be playing Guy of Gisborne in Nottingham.

James Caviezel and Samuel L Jackson are to star together in Blown. Caviezel will play an MI5 agent who uncovers a terrorist attack, while investigating a global corporation. Jackson will play a businessman behind the plot. The news is from Coming Soon.

Sam Worthington is joining Helen Mirren in The Debt. They will both play Mossad agents hunting down a Nazi war criminal. The film is a remake of the Israeli thriller Ha-hov. The news is from Variety.

Variety also say Martin Campbell is to direct Nagasaki Deadline. An emotionally bruised FBI agent has to stop a terrorist attack, and the answers may be in the past.

We now know who Mark Strong will be playing in Ridley Scott's Nottingham. Strong says he will essentially play the character of Guy of Gisborne. But on Filmonic he says the character in the script is called Conrad for some reason.



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