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Stalked: Malkovich on migrants, Susco's High School, William Tell, Schwentke's Venus, Gearhead, Days Before, Proposition 9

John Malkovich is making a documentary on child illegal immigrants...

Aliens are invading one day at a time, but in reverse...

Ironbow: The Legend of William Tell...

Robert Schwentke is directing a serial killer hunter story set in post World War II...

Gearhead sees humans fight superheroes and is to be adapted for the big screen...

Collene Campbell's fight for the Victim's Bill of Rights to be made into film...

John Malkovich is set to create a documentary about the plight of children who travel illegally into the United States called Triple Crossing. According to Yahoo News Malkovich says that the film will try and humanise the issue of illegal migration. There's no word on what involvement he'll have in the film as yet.

The Days Before is a new science fiction film from a speculative script by Chad St. John. The story is about aliens invading Earth by travelling backwards through time and destroying humanity, one day at a time - as Variety puts it, yesterday by yesterday. Meanwhile one man is managing to stay ahead of them and each yesterday is trying to convince the world that they are doomed. Okay, is it just me finding that concept hard to understand? Imagine trying to pitch the thing! At least the story is something different.

Robert Schwentke, see Tattoo, Flightplan (Filmstalker review) and The Time Traveler's Wife, is to direct a film called Venus Fixer which is based on the true story of a Holocaust survivor recruited by the American military to track down a serial killer in postwar Berlin. According to Variety he teams up with a German policeman who was his friend and colleague prior to the rise of the Nazi's in Germany. Now that sounds like a meaty, paranoid, and character heavy story, great then that J.C. Pollack is writing the script - who? Well apparently he's a writer known for his spy based thrillers who writes under the name of James Elliot.

Ironbow: The Legend of William Tell sounds more like a comedy or a bad foreign attempt at retelling another country's history, but actually it's a film from Justin Chadwick who was last seen filming The Other Boleyn Girl. Here's the film blurb from Yahoo News:

"The story centers on a crossbow marksman who, when he would not bow to Austrian rule, was forced to shoot an apple off his son's head in exchange for freedom. The local overlord who commanded the act noticed that Tell had a second arrow in his quiver, which Tell told him was meant for the overlord if the son was killed. Tell was promptly arrested but eventually escaped and killed the overlord, sparking a rebellion that led to the formation of the Swiss Confederation."

The script comes from Jay Wolpert, writer on the Pirates of the Caribbean series, so maybe there's something to be had in that story. Interestingly there's already a film called The Adventures of William Tell scheduled for 2010.

Matt Bush, Yeardley Smith, Camille Mana and Julia Ling have joined the cast of High School co-written by the excellent Stephen Susco, writer of Red (Filmstalker review) and The Grudge, alongside writer/director John Stalberg. Bush plays a high school student who takes drugs for the first time just before the school starts random drug sampling. Smith plays a teacher, Mana and Ling students, and Michael Chiklis plays the headmaster of the school, backed up by the strong talent of Adrien Brody. The story comes from Variety.

According to Variety Gale Anne Hurd is picking up the production of Gearhead, a four issue comic book created by Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon about a young woman who leaves the drag strip to join a group of rebels fighting the corrupt superheroes who rule over the U.S.. This sounds an interesting storyline, I certainly like the set-up.

Collene Campbell's son was murdered in 1982 and six years later her brother and wife were also murdered. She then struggled for years and years to get the Victim's Bill of Rights to be accepted as law in California, Proposition 9. Her story is set to be made into a film that her and her husband are also producing. The story comes from



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