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Stalked: Marc Foster, Milla Jovovich, Gods and Titans

Marc Foster is directing Die Bad.

Milla Jovovich is going to Keep Coming Back.

And War of the Gods and Clash of the Titans have started casting.

Marc Foster is close to agreeing to direct Die Bad. It's a remake of a Korean film, which tells the story of the rise and fall of a gangster. It takes the form of four short films. The remake will be set in New York. The news is from Variety.

Milla Jovovich is to star in Keep Coming Back, which is also William H. Macy's first stab at directing. He will also star in the film as will Steve Buscemi. It's a coming of age comedy, about a young man who joins Alcoholics Anonymous in order to seduce a woman. The woman is an an alcoholic ex stripper, played by Jovovich. News is from Variety.

Both War of the Gods and Clash of the Titans are close to having one star each. Henry Cavill is near to playing Theseus in the film to be directed by Tarsem Singh. Sam Worthington meanwhile is in talks to play Perseus in Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans. Casting news comes from Variety.



Anything with Milla in is fine by me. :)

You know I'm really looking forward to seeing Milla Jovovich in something a bit less horror and a bit closer to dramatic. Can she pull it off? Is she hiding her talent under the guise of rotted zombies?


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