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Stalked: Transporter 3 and Valkyrie featurettes online

Cruise-Valkyrie-Small.jpgThere are two interesting featurettes online showing some behind the scenes footage and some of the stars and crew talking about both films.

I have to say that the Transporter 3 featurette is a bit of a con, it's more just footage than anything else, after all the running time is only one minute. However there's Jason Statham to help you along.

The Valkyrie featurette, on the other hand, is rather interesting and has a fair bit more than the Transporter 3 has to offer in the form of more cast members talking about the film. The more I see about Valkyrie the more I'm excited about it and desperate to watch it.

Then the Transporter 3 featurette may be short, but Jason Statham is convincing us that there's more to it than the previous films, or rather it's different. I'm inclined to agree. Seeing the footage so far makes me think that they are doing something a little different.



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