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Stalked: Wiseman's Motorcade, Siller's Chicago 7, Cowboys and Aliens, Real Steel, 39 Clues, Button Man

DreamWorks has been talking about its upcoming slate and has revealed a few titbits about some upcoming films. We've heard about Clint Eastwood directing the supernatural thriller already, but there's also news on The Trial of the Chicago 7, Len Wiseman's next film, and a few more.

There's even mention of Case 39 and Cowboys and Aliens, two films we've been waiting to hear about for a while now.

Len Wiseman's next film could well be Motorcade, a story about terrorists attacking the President's motorcade. He's currently in talks to direct the Billy Ray script, according to the story from The Hollywood Reporter. It doesn't really sound that far away from Live Free or Die Hard (Filmstalker review) does it? Of course it will be when we start to hear more, but I wonder if it's going to stand that far apart from films in the same genre.

We've heard about Clint Eastwood directing the supernatural thriller Hereafter, so let's move on after you've read that story of course.

Dinner for Schmucks is a comedy that Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to star in but has passed by, now it seems Steve Carrell is being approached for it and the director originally attached, Jay Roach, is considering returning.

Steven Spielberg was set to direct The Trial of the Chicago 7 but he passed over (was that a pun?) the film and it's been hanging in limbo, despite the rumour of Paul Greengrass taking over. DreamWorks has been looking for someone else to take it over, and the latest name attached is Ben Stiller. Wow. I'm not commenting on that one at all. Nope, wait I am. This could be a great move for Stiller if he pulled it off, a serious directing role could get him considered for a lot more gigs than his standard comedy.

Cowboys and Aliens is now getting reworked by Roberto Kurtzman and Alex Orci of Transformers (Filmstalker review) writing credits and apparently has Robert Downey Jr. attached to star with Ron Howard developing the film and quoted as a long shot to direct. I find both choices surprising at such an early stage.

The story goes like this, Cowboys and Indians are fighting away in the 1800's when a space ship lands and the aliens try to take over the land. However the Cowboys and Indians team up and fight back. Previously the Iron Man (Filmstalker review) writers were developing the script.

Real Steel is a "futuristic boxing" film now being written by Les Bohem who wrote Taken and Dante's Peak.

Spielberg has been attached as producer and possible director for The 39 Clues, and there's no real movement on that as we hear that Jeff Nathanson is still adapting the ten book series, although I would hope not all ten books into one film!

Another graphic novel being adapted for the big screen (Cowboys and Aliens being the other on this list), Button Man, has Hillary Seitz, the co-writer of Eagle Eye, producing another draft of the screenplay for the studio.

For me the big news, although as you can see by the links we've heard it all before, is Ben Stiller being considered by the studio to direct The Trial of the Chicago 7, and Len Wiseman's Motorcade. Anything exciting in there for you?



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