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Star Trek trailer online

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThe trailer for Ster Trek is online now, and it's looking unbelievable stunning. Okay the picture is pretty bad because it's been bootlegged, but this is going to be one hell of a ride.

At first I was confused and thought that this was one of the usual trailer fakes, but stick with it, this isn't at all, this is the real J.J. Abrams deal.

You can see the trailer right here, and grab it fast because you know that the studio will have the lawyers out and it'll be removed from the sites as soon as possible. While you're racing to see it I'll be trying to find new versions around the internet as they take one down.

That's why the studios should bite the bullet and get the trailer online as soon as possible, and in high definition. However we really know that the studios love this hype that's built up by leaked trailers, it helps no end.

Anyway, check out this action packed Star Trek trailer which really does concentrate on James T. Kirk being a bit of a hard ass kid looking for something to fulfill him, and that scene where he rides his bike up to look at the starship says it all. I've found my calling, unleash the action, and Abrams does.

What do you think? This has me excited, but is it Star Trek?

Here's another version just in case one of them goes.

After doing a little searching here are another two versions found through Cinema Blend.



Now I'm interested.

Whose that kid at the beginning pretending to be James T Kirk? Is he a young Trekkie or something?

Wow, jokes aside the one of the security words I have to type to post this is "Meyer".

Two of the best Star Trek films were directed by Nicholas Meyer! Just as well I don't believe in Omens or I might actually consider going to see this on the strength of that. As it stand's despite the fact that it looks a visual feast I'll think I'll pass.

So Kirk was a delinquent, Spock is emotional & aggressive, Uhara can’t keep her clothes on and Scotty seems ever-so-slightly insane… but theres some original sound effects folks!

but putting the canon down for a moment, that was sure one hell of a trailer, the kid in me can’t wait…


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