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Update: Terminator Salvation featurette online

TerminatorEndo.jpgWe have a Terminator Salvation featurette for you to watch. As well as concept art, it also includes some early film footage. You can even get a glimpse at a couple of the new/old Terminators.

I'm looking forward to this one more and more. Head inside for a look at the featurette.

Update: We have an updated video that's playable and still working, despite the continuing banning of the footage.

Being a fan of the Terminator films news that McG was directing Terminator Salvation didn't bowl me over at first. But nearly everything I hear about it is good news of some sort. Now a featurette is available including an interview with Martin Lang. He's a production designer on the film. You can see some of his concept art of a post Judgment Day Los Angeles, and some footage of the new Terminators.

The featurette is from [update - Richard] IO9 via regular reader and all round good guy Billy. Hang on for a few moments though as the embed takes a few moments to appear [Richard]. I like the look of this. What about you?

[Richard] Huge thanks to Billy for finding it - catch it quick now!



Damn, it's gone...anyone found it elsewhere? Let us know.

I've just managed to watch the footage on my Dad's very slow connection, and it looks great, they really are doing a lot of fantastic practical effects. Except...

Actually I'm going to leave those comments for a post. I started typing them and it turned into a fully fledged rant.

Richard, thanks again. I'm liking this too! Not that long until another trailer comes out.

"Come with me if you want to live"

The greatest line in a franchise ever.

I'm shocked to be saying this but I am really looking forward to this film, I hope this semi-reboot can be tied into the tv show at some point, mainly so I can see several Summer Glau's kicking the living crap out of humanity.

Ha ha Sp4rkR4t. Although Summer Glau may be the best thing in the tv series, that isn't really saying much. I hope they don't leave out any information we've learnt from T3, because although not a perfect terminator film, it's still a good film that doesn't get the recognition I feel it deserves.

I enjoyed the first series of the TV show. The second season isn't nearly as good so far though. The third film wasn't that bad, although I think they went a bit far with the humour. Plus they essentially had a model playing a Terminator, which didn't do anything for me.

I agree with your comments regarding T3 Louise.

Ach, for me the third film made a joke of the Terminator and was a series of action sequences with a few dialogue packed explanation scenes leading up to a clever ending.

The best thing about the series is Sarah Connor played by Lena Headey, I really don't like Glau in the role, and John Connor is more of a messed up wimp than ever though.

Yeah Lena Headey is a good Sarah Connor. I can't make my mind up about Glau. I think the friction between her and Lena Headey works better than her and John Connor.

And John Connor is a total wuss. Considering he's supposed to be post T2, you'd think he'd have a bit more attitude.

I don't think the show has much of a clear vision as to where it wants to end up. If it does, it's not a very exciting one.


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