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Terminator Salvation's silly terminators

TerminatorEndo.jpgUp until today I was thinking that Terminator Salvation was going to turn out okay. Everything I'd seen and heard about the film was making me think that McG was going to turn it around and we might just get a Terminator film as strong as the first.

However that was eroded a little today when I read about and saw the banned footage that has appeared on the internet and discovered the new Terminators the film had in story for us.

Now previously we've seen flying Terminators and walking ones as well as big huge all terrain vehicles. Now all that makes sense. The flying ones are quick and can travel anywhere killing tons of people from the sky, easy.

The human shaped Terminators are to be disguised as humans, mimic their movements of the most dominant creature on the planet and the one that they are trying to destroy, and they can go where the others can't.

Then there's the huge all terrain tank like ones. Well they could be transporting the walking Terminators, and they make great impenetrable machines that just go through anything.

Okay, I'm with you so far. Now we see that there are a couple of new Terminators, and two in particular caught my eye.

First there's the one that drives on the road. What?! Err, a Terminator car? What good is that? The humans can just run off the road and out fox it.

Then there was the motorcycle Terminator, and I thought exactly the same, it's a street bike, and designed to race along flat roads, so the same problem goes for that too, it's not going to follow you through a field or across a sand dune.

There just seems no point to either of them, especially since they have flying Terminators already. For me this seems like it's turning into Transformers where they're having pink ice cream trucks changing into killer robots. Why?

What's worse with the motorcycle ones is that they come out of a bigger robot Terminator, doesn't that sound more and more like appealing to the robot fans?

I just don't get why a logical race of robots would build a road bike and a car to go out and destroy humans in a post apocalyptic world which doesn't really have any roads left.

To me this seems another cheapening of the franchise, and sure it's totally out of context with the rest of the film, it's unreleased footage, I know that, but they're in the film. Perhaps there's some way to explain them, maybe they do mange to get off the road somehow? Maybe it does work? What do you think?



Completely agree, no logical race would use themas a standard unit. However just after skynet has launched it's nukes and it still doesn't have everything the way it wants it, for example it's having to use auto-assembly plants for cars & bikes and can't change them too much?

Here are my thoughts on the Car and Motorcycle. Remember Independence Day, when there were small communities of motor homes everywhere but the big cities? There could be streets out there, still, and let's say that there are some survivors out in the middle of nowhere... things like that. You load up a car and a motorcycle with the walking terminators, and send them out into places covertly. Imagine being in a community like that, and having a Terminator jet coming in. You'd probably take cover. Same goes for the tank. However, a car or a motorcycle coming up would not alarm you. At least until the terminators jumped out. It could make for some pretty tense sequences, but I'm not a creative consultant for the picture, and you're probably correct with the direction they'll take it.

I think you could be right Paul. I'm sure they would make some pretty tense sequences for sure. Another reason why they may have these is for merchandising. Ca-Ching!

I'm just happy that we're going to see Terminators in the water, because we've only seen these in sketches by Cameron and co on the behind-the-scene featurettes on the T2 DVD, and I remember thinking that they would be pretty cool to see in action.

Paul, you're right. That explanation does make sense, however I'm still not sold on them.

The water ones yes, I can see them being useful.

The artist sketches are online, I can't give you the host site because it's down with so many hits, but they are reproduced at AICN.


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