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The Alphabet Killer trailer returns

TheAlphabetKiller.jpgI wrote about The Alphabet Killer back in May 2007, first to say that Eliza Dushku was in the film, and then to post the teaser from the film, a teaser which was removed and never seen from again. Until now.

Now there's a bigger and better trailer for the film, and one which almost puts it in line with bigger films. In fact the big stand out is the cast list behind Dushku.

There's Cary Elwes, Timothy Hutton and Michael Ironside as the big recognisable faces, but does that make it a good film?

Well there are a couple of flat sounding lines from Eliza Dushku in the trailer for The Alphabet Killer, but that could be the scene taken out of context to be fair, and the rating of a hundred votes giving it just over seven out of ten on IMDB is something to suggest that it's a bit better than the first teaser led us to believe.

The story is based upon that of the real life double initial killer in the U.S. in the early 1970's, a killer that murdered children who had double initials, as in Carmen Colon who disappeared in November 16th 1971 and was found murdered two days later. The killer murdered three girls and was never found, however there were suspects.

According to Wikipedia, two suspects committed suicide. One was the uncle of Carmen Colon, and the other was a "person of interest" who killed themselves six weeks after the last murder.

The other suspect was Kenneth Bianchi who, with his cousin Angelo Buono, was responsible for the Hillside Strangler murders.

Differing from the real story, this one follows a fictional ex-police officer who is now an advisor. She stopped being a police officer when she developed Schizophrenia, started seeing visions, and had a nervous breakdown. Now she's better and returning as an advisor on this case. However during the investigation she starts to see the dead girls and begins to get more and more obsessed with the case.

I wonder if films should take such liberties with unsolved murder cases such as this? Would they be guilty of making a fictional answer to the unsolved case, an answer that many people might take as fact?

Apparently the first trailer was removed because it spelt Eliza Dushku's name as Elisa, interestingly though the nine minute preview which was on the official site now gives a not found error, so was that removed too because of a spelling mistake?

Whatever the reason this trailer is a little better than the first, and you can see it over at Apple Trailers [QT:iPod:S:M:L].

Rob Schmidt, the director of Wrong Turn, directs the film. So perhaps theres more to be had here than you might first think.



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