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The Betrayal - Nerakhoon trailer online

EllenKuras.jpgThe trailer for The Betrayal - Nerakhoon is online and right here for you to see, and it looks an incredibly powerful and heartfelt story.

It tells the story of a family who are forced to emigrate to the U.S. from Laos because of the Vietnam War and the fact that the father worked for the CIA selecting bombing targets for the U.S.

The Betrayal - Nerakhoon took some twenty-three years to make and was directed by Ellan Kuras well known for her cinematography and has a good number of strong films associated with her career.

This is the only film that she's written (in a manner of speaking), produced and directed, and she's given a co-direction credit to Thavisouk Phrasavath, the narrator and family member that the film focuses on.

It looks interesting, and there are some strong and surprising moments, but what interests me the most is the suggestion that when he comes to America to escape the violence of Vietnam, he is pulled into the world of gangs and perhaps sees even more violence than he did in his home land.



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