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The Guitar red band trailer online

TheGuitar.jpgThe Guitar is a film that didn't really catch my eye until I realised who the lead was, Saffron Burrows. She's an interesting actress, and one that is rather pleasing on the eye.

Then I read the plot, of a woman who is told she has months to live and throws caution to the wind to live life to the full, and that hit a huge personal note with my life of late, and so I took to the trailer.

Saffron Burrows plays Melody, strangely enough, who is diagnosed with a terminal disease which gives her only months to live. She finds herself fired and dumped, and with the bleak prospects for life she decides to go for glory, using her savings and credit cards she decides to pursue her dreams, one of which is learning to play the guitar.

Don't be put off by that though, there's much more to her dreams and desires than that, and the trailer looks rather interesting.

What's more is that some film sites give The Guitar positive comments on the trailer, to hell with those usual cliched and useless taglines, here are the decent ones from real viewers and reviewers.

"Unexpected. Ferociously erotic. Crowd pleasing" - Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons "Saffron Burrows gives a stunning performance" - Film Threat

With comments like those, can you avoid it? Well the trailer looks pretty interesting, but it's the hinting at what will happen with her life, her realisation and awakening that's the bit that has me.

Have a look for yourself. Actually I'm not entirely sure why it's red band, perhaps its the naked back and interracial clinches that have the middle aged religious MPAA all hot under the collar, or perhaps the hint at lesbianism. Oh the world is doomed!



I can't watch the trailer yet but I have to say I really love the poster image. It sounds like an interesting film as well.


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