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The Host remake gains director

TheHost_Poster.jpgJoon-Ho Bong's excellent The Host (Gwoemul) (Filmstalker review) is being remade by Hollywood, in case you've forgotten, and he's more than happy for them to do it, he's just not getting involved. Well we finally hear who on the other side of the world is helming the film and it's unclear whether this bodes well or not.

For the director of the U.S. remake is making his début on the film, however there are a couple of names in the production wing that might give some hope.

Gore Verbinski and Vertigo's Roy Lee are part of the production team for the remake, although with Lee remaking every Asian film he can find that's anywhere near decent, I'm not sure if that is such a great sign.

The director, according to Variety, is Fredrik Bond, a commercials director, with Mark Poirier adapting the story for the American audience, he's previously written Smart People.

The outline seems to be pretty much the same so far, the big creature is created by toxins from a military base that have been flowing into the nearby river. It appears and starts terrorising the town, stealing away people. When it takes a little girl the dysfunctional family get together and ignore their differences to find her and save her.

It seems that Bond and Verbinski have been looking for projects to work together on, so perhaps there is some hope here, I mean if Verbinski is keen to work with the guy there must be a fair amount of talent there.

Bond has already talked about the project too:

“It processes a few genres together, and visually it feels close to the stuff I've made over the last few years in commercials, the tonality of humor and the scale”

Well let's hope so because The Host (Filmstalker review) was an excellent film and I really enjoyed it, there's a lot of aspects to the film that usually trip up and get pushed to the side with Hollywood films, so they'll have to work to retain some of the clever aspects of the film that made it the hit it was – it's not just a monster film.



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