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The Reader trailer online

KateWinslet.jpgThe Reader has had a fairly difficult journey to release. A change of lead actress, disagreements over release dates. But now a trailer is online, and it looks promising.

Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes star in the drama, set in post World War II Germany. Head inside for a look at the trailer.

Nicole Kidman was originally going to star in this film, but left to be replaced by Kate Winslet. The Reader sees a teenage boy fall in love with an older woman. She disappears, only to emerge years later as a defendant during Nazi war crime trials. Ralph Fiennes plays the teenager later in life.

The trailer is below from You Tube, but is available in High Definition over at Apple. What do you think?



You know when you see so many trailers as you do when you're running a film site, there are genuinely few that grab you and make you feel something. This one did.

I had a growing knot in my stomach as I watched this and it really does pull me into the characters straight away, already setting me up with mixed allegiances and an uncertainty of who is right and wrong.

Superb job to whoever put this trailer together. I'm very keen to see this now.


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