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The Ugly Truth trailer online

GerardButler.jpgOn paper The Ugly Truth didn't really excite me, sure there's Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl taking the leads, and Robert Luketic is directing, but the story of a romantically challenged television producer being brought head to head with a chauvinistic presenter who offers his services in order to help her get the man of her dreams.

Oh you can see where the story is going to go, feel good film and all that. Then I saw the trailer, and I was surprised at how much I was drawn to the combative relationship and started to enjoy it.

The trailer shows the set-up for the film and carries it a little into the story, and what caught me is how much fun both Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler seem to be having, as well as the fact that Butler seems superbly suited to the role – please don't take that as me saying anything about Mr Butler personally!

You can see the trailer for The Ugly Truth right here, and hopefully share in my surprise that this actually looks rather good and a lot of fun. Perhaps it's going to hit where a lot of Hollywood romantic comedies have been missing, particularly in pairing up actors who have a lot of on screen chemistry.



Yes it looks good. I just hope Gerry doesnt get stuck in doing rom coms although I have to say it does suit him.

That could be a big problem for him to be honest, although he's keeping things different with Game and such.


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