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Trainspotting sequel update

DannyBoyle.jpgIt has been over a year since we heard any news on a Trainspotting sequel. Danny Boyle had said he had the rights to make the film, and was waiting for the actors to age.

Boyle now sounds optimistic that it could happen, based on a new DVD release of the original.

Back in April last year, Danny Boyle said he had been given the rights to make a Trainspotting sequel. The second novel by Irvine Welsh, entitled Porn catches up with Mark Renton, Spud Murphy, Sick Boy and Begbie. Boyle said he was waiting for the actors to age enough so that it would look convincing.

However, at the time Ewan McGregor said he was not interested in a sequel. Mostly because he wasn't a fan of the second book, but maybe also due to ill feeling between him and Boyle. If memory serves me correct it has something to do with The Beach. Now Danny Boyle says he is optimistic that a second film will be made. The original stars have all been reminiscing about the first film prior to a new DVD release, and he thinks it could lead somewhere.

We've had this plan for awhile now to make a film that's generational; how they would be guys now who were clearly and visibly middle aged. Well, what's just happened in Britain is that they're preparing to release a new DVD of [Trainspotting], and they've done a series of interviews for the special features on the DVD ... and good news is all the actors have come back to participate in these interviews. So I think that's a sign that if we do get them looking right, they'll be prepared to do it -- that they're getting to a point where they're thinking, 'Yeah, that could be interesting.' Because everyone will have to be in the right frame of mind in order to do it; they need to age a bit still. I want them to feel different ... and older.

Boyle was talking to Cinematical. I wonder if it's just wishful thinking on his part. Has McGregor changed his opinion of the second book? Have he and Boyle buried the hatchet? I haven't read the second book so I'm not sure if it's good film material or not. But I can't say I have a burning desire to see a sequel. Do you?



He's been saying this for ages and it's never actually happened. I doubt some of the stars are that interested, like Ewan McGregor.

I do hate it when they release countless DVDs of the same film. Especially as I'm a fool and end up buying the latest version :(


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