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Two sequels for Road to Perdition

RoadToPerdition.jpgMax Allan Collins, the man who wrote the graphic novel that the film Road to Perdition, has been signed to adapt the two sequels Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise.

That's something of a surprise considering that Road to Perdition wasn't the big hit that was expected, especially considering the cast of Paul Newman, Tom Hanks and Jude Law directed by Sam Mendes.

The first story, Road to Purgatory (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), follows the son of the character played by Ton Hanks in the first film as he returns from World War II to America and tries to pick up his life where it left off, but he can't. Instead Elliot Ness offers him an undercover role that will suit his background, infiltrate Al Capone's gang and bring them down from the inside. However much he went into the deal with a strong desire for retribution for the death of his father, he just can't seem to hold onto the black and white morality in his head, and begins to find his morals questioned and his plans upturned.

The second story, Road to Paradise (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), follows Michael O'Sullivan Jr. as the boss and frontman of a Lodge and Casino at Lake Tahoe. He's a made man by Chicago's Costra Nostra family and planning to retire to obscurity at the ripe old age of fifty. However the exiled mob boss is planning a return, and that means hits and bloodbaths galore, and Michael has to go on the run as his father once did before, exacting his own bloody revenge.

The news of Max Allan Collins adapting the Road to Perdition sequels comes from Cinematical through /Film.

Both stories sound very strong and are pitched in worlds that audiences find highly engaging, but the real question is will they embrace these stories more than they did Road to Perdition? Will you?



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