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Wallace and Gromit miss the Oscars

WallaceandGromit.jpgNo, it's not the latest Wallace and Gromit film, that's actually called A Matter of Loaf and Death, a cracking title Gromit, it's actually news that the latest film from Nick Park featuring the well loved characters, isn't going to make it to the Oscars in time.

What's more surprising is that Nick Park is more than happy about it.

Speaking about the short film, unfortunately it's not a feature length film adventure, Nick Park revealed that he was slightly relieved when he realised that they didn't have the pressure of making it to the Oscars. Not that he's scared of the competition, but because they were really looking as though they were going to have to race to complete the film in time.

“We were trying to get it in on time...But when it became obvious we'd never make the deadline I found it a slight relief...In a way, I was glad when that goal disappeared. It meant we could just get on with making the film.”

Those were his words through the BBC, and he went on to say that awards just weren't his motivation.

“You should do it for the fun or it, and not have any other ambitions in mind”

Well that's true, and look at the success they've had doing just that, it's because the love of the material comes right through with the characters and the story.

Personally I wouldn't be that bothered about missing the Oscars, and to be honest I think Park isn't either. What he'll probably get more excitement about is seeing his beloved characters on the big screen again and seeing audiences laughing like mad at them.

My only sadness is that A Matter of Loaf and Death going to be a half hour short instead of a feature, but then I'd rather have a few more quality shorts than wait four years for another feature.

This time we're seeing Wallace and Gromit in charge of an automated bakery, probably with Wallace's usual slightly oddball inventions. At the same time a serial killer is knocking off other bakers in the area. While Wallace has fallen for Piella Bakewell, a woman who was once the star of some famous bread commercials, Gromit decides to head out and try and catch the serial killer and save his master. However it's Gromit's time to find some love as he meets Fluffles, the pet poodle of Piella's.

I'm just as happy with the half hour format, and Park is too, but he's keen to point out that this isn't the end of the feature films:

“I have some feature ideas which Sony are interested in...But I don't want to rush straight into another one. I'm giving myself a bit of space to decide.”

He reveals that he wants to get his ideas out a lot quicker than features will allow as the process to get feature films made is “so immense”.

How do you feel about seeing the pair in short film format from now on? It does sound like the feature ideas aren't going to be including Wallace and Gromit, and Peter Sallis isn't getting any younger.



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