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Wanted game trailer online

Wanted_Cover.jpgI don't usually write about videogames based on films, and I'm not sure I should since this is all about film, but since it's a day filled with old and recycled news I thought I might throw something up about the trailer for the new videogame based on the film Wanted.

Although you can see that there are plenty of cinematic shots, you can tell when the gameplay kicks in and it seems to be making a big deal of the physics-bending bullet control, as well as trying to capture James McAvoy's face for the main character.

Oh and before you go watch it the trailer is a little restricted, and the only reason I can see, or rather hear, is that they have the closing line from the film in there, albeit voiced by someone other than the film's lead.

The Wanted videogame looks rather interesting and the action sequences rather frantic, which might make for some interesting gameplay, but I'm just not sure how that gameplay is going to work practically.

There's the usual leaping off of objects, sliding along floors, and somehow controlling the bullets you fire, but the coolest moment seems to be the gunfight inside of a plane that appears to be in a complete nose dive with you clambering down the aisle using the seats as a ladder and shooting as you go. Nice.

Here's the trailer, which does try and lead off from Wanted (Filmstalker review) the film, and let me know if you'd be interested in more game tie-in's, or if this really isn't at all what you want to see on Filmstalker.



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