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Watch Midnight Meat Train online for free...in the U.S.

MidnightMeatTrain.jpgOne of my biggest bug bears about companies that go online is that they forget who their audience is. The company may be catering to a local audience, but go online and you're addressing the entire world with every word. It's not just about local companies either, Sony are making the mistake with their PS3 blog, MTV make the mistake with all their video content, and now film blogs aplenty are making the mistake with Midnight Meat Train.

You see Midnight Meat Train is free online to watch, but not for where I tried from, some small island with a tiny audience called the UK, and I suspect it's the same for any territory outside the U.S., sure, maybe they've thrown Canada in too.

So if you're lucky enough to be able to see it, I would grab the chance now. Midnight Meat Train is online for you to watch now, for free.

The Midnight Meat Train is an adaptation of the story from Clive Barker, which sees a photographer taking shots in the underground and catches shots of a serial killer who has been murdering people travelling on the darkened trains. So he goes after the killer.

The film has been effectively canned by the studio, they've given it such a limited release and next to no marketing that it's struggling to be seen, and so showing it online is a great idea. For those who can see it that is.

You can see the trailer over at FearNet [Flash] through plenty of sites, but I decided to quote HorrorMovies.ca where I read about it again today and decided I just had to vent a little. Plus they're a really cool bunch over there.

There's another thing that has just struck me about this decision. The studio have decided not to give it a proper cinema run in the US and instead shown it to fans in that country for free.

Of course they're not going to do that for the other territories where they have similarly lacklustre releases planned because those people will be paying money for their tickets and the studio is desperate for the money return. Yet it's the studio that decided to restrict the release and not attempt to make a profit in the U.S., and because of that decision they're trying to make back the loss on other territories like the UK.

Isn't there something wrong with that?

Regardless, if you can watch the film, let us know what you think. We have to pay money for tickets and try and make back the lost profits from the studio's restricted U.S. release.



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