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What Doesn't Kill You trailer online

BrianGoodman.jpgThe film What Doesn't Kill You comes from the actor, writer and director Brian Goodman, a man you'll recognised when you see his face, and a man who has lived through many of the events in the film, for he wrote it based on what happened in his own life.

Now the script has been made into a film with him at the helm, appearing it, and being portrayed by the great Mark Ruffalo with his brother-like friend being played by Ethan Hawke and his wife by Amanda Peet. Life doesn't seem that bad.

It doesn't seem that bad, but then when you see this trailer you can feel how bad it was (even if it is dramatised).

The trailer for What Doesn't Kill You is very powerful and brings across feelings of hopelessness, despair and the deepening isolation that the characters are feeling, being pushed towards a life of crime with no other real option. It's a great trailer and it's totally sold me on this film.

That's even without thinking of the stars involved.

The film, as I said, is based on the events in the life of Brian Goodman and stars Mark Ruffalo as Brian growing up in South Boston and struggling to earn enough money to keep the family going. That means doing anything they can, and in the rough neighbourhood where they live, that means anything.

The petty crimes soon become more and they are soon working for an organised crime boss, oddly played by Goodman himself, and with the looming threat of a life in prison, drug use, and demands from his family, he's struggling to find a way out which he desperately wants.

Then his friend who he has always hung around with and is his partner in crime suggests one last job to get them out of the rut they're in. A big armed robbery, under the noses of the crime boss, and the “one last heist” scenario. Frankly, it doesn't sound good.

Watching the trailer it doesn't seem good for the pair either, and it might spell disaster, although we already know Brian made it out and turned things around, but will the story go that way?



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