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Whedon to make new Buffy film?

SarahMichelleGellar.jpgAs we all know, Hollywood likes fads, if one thing works we can expect to see loads like it. And now the hoopla around Twilight, might mean a reappearance for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Twilight does nothing for me, however Buffy used to. Is Whedon really into the idea of a film?

Twilight fans, and that's all I call them (Richard has another name we shall not mention) are more than a little excited for the film version of the books. And despite the fact that vampire films are nothing new, Joss Whedon might be inspired to bring back something old-ish. Just a rumour at this stage but could he be trying to make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer film? The Herald Sun newspaper through Moviehole.net has this to say.

Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that Whedon has a feature-film script based on his hit TV series ready to roll as soon as a studio is prepared to commit.

The first Buffy film was pre Sarah Michelle Gellar, and starred Kristy Swanson. I wasn't a huge fan of that film, but I was a bit partial to the TV show created by Whedon. I guess it's a logical rumour to come out, on the back of Twilight causing such excitement. And if anyone could bring Buffy back it's Whedon.

The TV show did have a pretty decent ending though, so I'm not sure I'd want that spoiled. A film catching up with them a few years later might be quite good though. Man, it's only a rumour and I'm torn. Any Buffy fans out there? Would you want a film version with Gellar and David Boreanaz?



Can we have a buffy film that doesn't have buffy in, say something goes horribly wrong and willow goes bad again.

Not that excited about the news as i'm not sure how they would bring it back to be honest. Both Buffy and Angel have continued in comic book form and things have changed drastically for both shows. The question would be whether Joss would stay faithful to the events in the comic books and if he could get the main cast back as otherwise i would not even consider watching it.

Personally I don't believe this rumour as most of the cast have gone on to bigger and better things. Also Joss Whedon is hard at work on his new series Dollhouse with Eliza (faith).

I would still love to see a Spike movie though!

Willow going bad was one of the more interesting parts of the last few seasons. I suppose it depends how likely Gellar is, to want to come back. She has been working hard to lose the horror stereotype, by starring in loads of horror films. Ahem.

I have never read the comic books, so I'm not sure where the characters ended up. I would imagine he would pick it up from a few years after the end of the TV series. Was a Spike TV spin off not rumoured at one point?

The movie will be made-trust me!!!The stories of Buffy and Angel aren't finished yet.Whedon has something up his sleeve-you'll see......

im a major buffy fan and would love to see them make a film and definatley with sarah michelle gellar and david boreanez they cant leave the buffy and angel story lines as they were and they end of both seasons there are things we buffy fans need to know. IT MUST BE DONE!!!!! But i think we will be waiting for a bit as most of the cast are doing other things at the momement.

OMG, I'd love a Buffy film!!! But only if it had the cast from the series in it , don't know if I could stand seeing anyone else play them! I heard that Megan Fox might be playing Buffy?!?! NO!



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