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White directs The Losers

TheLosers.jpgThe Losers is an excellent comic book series telling the story of a covert team who are employed by the CIA to handle very dangerous and very secret missions. One day the CIA abandon them and set them up to die. They don't, and they come back searching for the ones that betrayed them.

I really enjoyed it and thought it would make a great film, so when the news started that it was going to be adapted by Peter Berg, I was straight on board. After many changes though it looks like Sylvain White is director to take it forward.

Originally the announcement was that Peter Berg, who had written the script, was set to direct The Losers, then it became McG, and worse still news came that the director was to be Tim Story of Fantastic Four.

Now Sylvain White is announced as the director in charge of the film by Variety, and I'm wondering if we're just going from bad to worse with every new announcement.

For those of you who don't know, White is responsible for I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, Stomp the Yard, and is currently directing Castlevania. Well those are all interesting choices to make a hard edged and very violent comic book a reality, perhaps the elite, covert killing squad will exact their revenge with the power of Stomp, or perhaps on flying horses?

You know with this news I would rather Tim Story had taken the job, or McG.

As of now The Losers has been scripted by James Vanderbilt, which actually I would think is a good choice instead of the first mentioned Peter Berg, and the film is set for production next year, a little close to fast tracking if you ask me.

Still, there's something good to be had from the White news, he's busy trying to get Frank Miller's Ronin adapted for the big screen, so surely it can't be all that bad?



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