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Closed: Win Natalie Portman's Free Zone on DVD

FreeZone.jpgFree Zone is the first Israeli film which has been filmed in an Arab country and stars the Israeli born but Hollywood living Natalie Portman in the Amos Gitai directed film which follows three women on a journey from Israel to Jordan.

I have three copies of Free Zone to literally give away, well you have to answer a very simple question, but apart from that you can win it easily, right here on Filmstalker.

The story for Free Zone goes like this, from the official blurb:

"In a bid to escape the painful memories of the break-up, Rebecca joins Hanna (Hanna Lazlo) a middle aged Israeli woman who is determined to collect a large debt owed to her injured husband by his business partner, known as 'The American'. The journey takes them on an arduous drive from Jerusalem to the titular Free Zone - a tax-free region where those from countries at war trade cars with one another. Arriving at their destination the mystery businessman is nowhere to be found but they encounter Leila (Hiam Abbass) a Palestinian woman, who claims to know the whereabouts of the elusive debtor."

The film stars Natalie Portman, Hana Laszlo most recently appearing in Adam Resurrected and Hiam Abbass from the excellent The Visitor (Filmstalker review), as the three women who meet during the journey and the recognisable Makram Khoury as the man they are searching for.

In 2005 it was nominated for an Israeli Film Academy Award and the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival where it won Hana Laszlo the award for Best Actress.

Unfortunately I've not had the pleasure of seeing Free Zone myself, but you can, and for free, it's simple to win one of the three copies in time for Xmas, here's how.

Simply answer the following question and email me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk with the answer and your UK postal address before the closing date of the 7th of December 2008.

Here's the question:

What was the film that Natalie Portman appeared in where she was taken under the care of a professional killer?

Now that's not hard is it? If you're really struggling then get your thinking caps on, or head over to some major search engine or film site and find out more!

As always your details are stored in my personal mail on my personal computer, and will be deleted once the winners have been selected randomly, by myself. The winners names and addresses are passed onto the company dealing with the competition who use them only to mail out the prizes - some competitions I run directly, some are from the companies with the prizes.

Good luck, and hope you win!



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