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Closed: Win Then She Found Me on DVD

ThenSheFoundMe.jpgThen She Found Me is a film co-written, co-produced and directed by Helen Hunt. It's the first feature film she's directed, and having watched it I was rather impressed.

Not just by the directing, but by the tone of some parts of the film which are a little darker and more realistic than most romantic dramas. It also carries a number of big name stars, and each playing some none too typical characters, and you can win copies of the DVD right here.

Then She Found Me is based on the novel by Elinor Lipman, adapted by Alice Arlen and Victor Levin & Helen Hunt and Helen Hunt (don't ask me why those names are in that order, those are the credits!), and directed by Hunt.

It stars Helen Hunt (I am writing her name a lot!), Colin Firth, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick and even an appearance by Salman Rushdie. According to the official blurb for the film:

“This touching, warmly amusing story directed by Helen Hunt follows schoolteacher April Epner (Hunt) on her very unlikely path toward personal fulfilment. Following her separation from her husband (Broderick) and the death of her adoptive mother, April is contacted by her apparent birth mother (Midler), a colourful local talk show host who's not exactly the ideal mom. As she tries to become the mother to April that she never was able to be, April finds solace in the arms of a father of one of her students (Firth). With every aspect of her world turned upside down, April must learn how to cope with an age-old truth – life can change in a heartbeat.”

When I first watched Then She Found Me, I did start off thinking this was going to be a bit of a standard romantic comedy with a slight difference as the lead character was Jewish. However, past the opening you start to discover the complicated and not so typecast characters that she's involved with, and that's where the film opens up and offers something rather different.

Funny, enjoyable, clever, and some great performances from the three leads, it's a rather good film and surprising considering it's Hunt's directorial debut. The DVD also features an audio commentary from Helen Hunt that delves into film-making and reveals some interesting facts about the production.

Now I have two copies of the film to give away to anyone with a UK postal address. Hold up though, you have to realise that this is a Region 1 DVD – I am sorry, I get a lot sent to me from America and there's not always Region 2's to be had – so you must remember that your DVD player has to be Region Free, or plays Region 1 DVD's.

If you're happy with that, let's continue.

I have two copies of the Region 1 DVD to give away to anyone with a UK postal address. To enter simply answer the following question and email me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk with the answer and your UK postal address before the closing date of the 18th of November.

Here's the question:

What film did Helen Hunt star in when she was chasing extreme weather alongside Bill Paxton?

Oh it's easy, the answer is simple, and if you really are stuck then it's not hard to find on the Internet. This really is one of the easiest questions yet, honestly! Good luck.



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