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Wonder Woman director found?

WonderWoman.jpgContinuing on the Wonder Woman rumours it seems that there's a very big rumour out there suggesting that the director for the Wonder Woman film has been found, and although it might be a little surprising, considering a few films on his slate, and one he's working on right now, it might not be.

Two writers were brought on board for their World War II script take and asked to modernise it to a current setting, so they've been at it for a while now, seems as though the time is right for a director.

The rumour is unconfirmed other than those pesky sources, and it could be anything from the name being banded around by people behind the scenes, or being approached to do the film already, so bear that in mind as you read on.

The rumoured director has been responsible for the two Charlie's Angels films and is currently filming Terminator Salvation, so that should give you all the clues you need. McG is the man who IESB is rumouring to be in some way attached to the Wonder Woman film.

Personally I think that attachment is the early stages of looking for someone and I'm sure there are a number of other names attached too, but we'll have to wait and see.

It's also worth taking a little bit of a fresh look at McG and wondering if he could deliver this film now. I think Terminator Salvation, while not being perfect and making us think he's fantastic, will help to turn around the general image of the director, and maybe make us realise that he's not as bad as was thought.

Of course I think we have to realise what Wonder Woman is, the story isn't a tightly held franchise that already has a set course and a huge, expectant fan base, neither is it a top end superhero property such as Batman or Superman. Sure it has a fan base, but there's a lot more leeway in the creation of this character on screen.

Then there's what's come before, and Charlie's Angels mixed with Terminator Salvation might be the exact way to think of this Wonder Woman story. Toned down Angels with the darkness and strength of Terminator, might well give us the exact pitch for the direction of Wonder Woman.

So all in all I think that McG would be a good choice for the film, but then this is still wild rumour, and I'm sure the fans out there have their own opinions.



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