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Worthington defends Terminator Salvation

SamWorthington.jpgWhile Josh Brolin may be talking openly about the potential of some of the projects he's been offered of late, such as the good Terminator Salvation script that turned “alright” in the words of Christian Bale, one of the stars of the film, Sam Worthington, has come out in defence of it, and you have to admit he has some sensible words to say.

Sensible, but still from the point of view of not having seen the entire film as yet.

According to Sam Worthington, the comment from Christian Bale that Josh Brolin stated the other day should be taken with a pinch of salt:

“For my knowledge Josh [Brolin] hasn't seen our film. And knowing Christian - I'm sure he would reserve his true judgement till the movie is complete...So I believe this comment shouldn't be given much weight.”

Okay, that's fair enough. He goes on to say through Moviehole and CinemaBlend that:

“From my own eyes and early screening of Terminator Salvation, I can say that what I have seen and what McG is putting together is exciting and a thrilling ride. And with that he is always striving to maintain strong emotional journeys and the truth of this world. I consider the movie beyond, 'alright'. I consider where they are at in the post production process and McG's constant effort, is to make a movie rooted in diehard mythology but also to advance the series. And I believe McG has something to prove and like any good man is willing to risk and has to put himself on the line - to 'man up' and deliver beyond 'alright' !!”

Okay, but the same could have been said about the third film, and that lost the feeling of what was the Terminator to a series of high-end action sequences, a Terminator that talked to herself and the audience, and rushed scenes of lengthy dialogue to get all the clever time stuff out of the way.

Plus, “exciting and thrilling ride” does also describe the Charlie's Angels films perfectly.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to put Terminator Salvation down for no reason, I've always been sceptical of how McG would treat this, but along the way there have been hints from inside the production that perhaps this is going to be a lot bigger and better than we thought.

Now there are hints from inside the production and much closer to the production than myself, that it might not be the all fantastic and all hailing Terminator film that we're being led to believe.

Let's also get something clear here, nobody is leaking the trailers, the footage, and the other marketing materials without the production knowing, these are being released as part of the marketing campaign to sell us the image of what this film is going to be.

If we aren't supposed to judge a film based on material such as that then why are marketing companies throwing it at us? They're trying to make us judge it as wonderful so we'll go and buy tickets and see it on the opening weekend. That's what it's all about, selling the masses what they want.

Marketing companies want us to believe every film is going to be amazing and we have to see it, and we know they do it from cutting trailers differently to the film, even showing footage that isn't in the final cut, anything to make us want to see it – even if that does go against what the final film actually is.

They want us to make a judgement based on this material, I think we should make informed judgements, and that means hearing from all the parties involved.

Right now my excitement meter has dropped a little bit more towards my original reality reading for Terminator Salvation. The reality of McG from two Charlie's Angels films and We Are Marshall in the last nine years, the reality that he's managed to pick up a huge franchise film with a huge named actor, and is producing some strong marketing material for it.

Yeah, right now I'm still on the fence.



Interesting. I think I'm just going to hold judgement until the film is released. Until then I shall enjoy the trailers...


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